Creative Craftsmanship

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Sofas armchairs and “made to measure” beds

Every product is handmade. This is why we are proud to say we are able to satisfy the costumer, giving him the highest personalization and supporting your needs of comfort, taste and space.

The realization of a sofa is an elaborated process that requests different kinds of materials and instruments. The heart of our creations is the trunk: the structure made of carved beechwood guarantees a long resistance to the sofa.

The loom is then reinforced by a weave of elastic straps and, in the classical models, by springs-steel tied by hand. Then the paddings go from simple juta and soft cotton wool to foam unshrinkable inserts, from foam rubber to the soft and comfortable goose feather.

Finally, there is the upholstery that changes on the request of the costumer, so any kind of leather and fabric.

As regards the modern style the sofa will be simply sewn.
As regards the ancient capitonnè technique it will be sewn and bound.